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Full Automatic Dicing Saw – NDS-4200/5200

Full-Automatic Dicing Series..
  • NEONTECH’s unique facing dual dicing design was combined with well known dicing function to maximize productivity.
Powerful Dicing Engine
  • By selecting 2.4kW high torgue spindle, hard dicing material such as ceramic, thick metal and silicon can be processed.
System Stability
  • NEONTECH’s unique design : granite base bridge-structure is optimized for vibration minimization, high ridigity and stability.
User Interface
  • Multi language such as Korea / English / Chinese / Japanese is provided for user’s convenience. Also, system provide wide(17”) touch monitor
Large Working Chuck Table
  • NDS1012 is optimized for Ø8” or 210mm. NDS1612 is optimized for large 300 sq. More multiple piece loading per ring frame is available. It can provide more longer loading/unloading interval for more dicing time. Also, large chuck table can be able to minimize operator help and UV tape consumption.


Items NDS-4200 NDS-5200
Material Size ø8”(Max. ø200mm) ø12”(Max. ø300mm)
Stroke 400mm 500mm
Cutting Range 0.01~300mm 0.01~300mm
Cutting Speed 0.01~400mm/sec.
Min. Step 1㎛
Stroke 250mm 350mm
Indexing Range 0.0001~210mm 0.0001~310mm
Indexing Speed 100mm/sec
Y-single Pitch Error 0.001mm/5mm
Y-positioning Error 0.002mm/200mm 0.002mm/300mm
Min. Step 0.1㎛ 0.1㎛
Stroke 40mm
Min. Step 0.1㎛
Rotation Angle 380° (CCW 320° , CW 60°)
Angular Resolution 0.000176°
Repeatability ±0.000176°
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